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Access Control

Based in London and Devon, our security guards provide high-quality access control solutions for your property. This professional service allows you to control movement and entry of people on your premises. Access control is an integral part of a home security strategy, providing protection and delaying intrusion to restricted areas. It can also be used as a management tool, allowing the control of personnel movement within a site or facility.

Methods differ depending on the value of assets being protected; therefore we always ensure greater security measures and capabilities in areas of high risk:

Expert Property Access Control

Property Access Control

At W4G Security, we take the time to understand your niche requirements. It is our aim to ensure that everything is professionally monitored. Access control systems can function on a number of scales such as construction and event security services, and whether you require a simple intercom system or a more complex security installation, we can help. For more information on our unique implementation of access control security for your property, both personal or professional, then get in touch with our team, today. We are on hand to make you feel safe and comfortable within your personal environment.

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