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Perimeter Protection

Perimeter Protection is essential in the management and security of buildings, construction sites and properties. W4G Security have experience in delivering quality control systems, from mechanical and electronic components and technologies, as well as manned protection. Our team go above and beyond to keep up to date with the latest technology in our industry, making sure your perimeter protection and infrastructure is as secure as possible.

What are perimeter security systems?

perimeter protection fence

The team at W4G have a reputation for enforcing only the best security systems for perimeter security. There are many technologies which make up this security type, and we have expert knowledge of each, ensuring you get the most out of your perimeter protection:

  • Advanced Thermal Security Cameras
  • Perimeter Alarms
  • Industrial Fencing
  • Security Mesh Fencing
  • Intrusion Detection Systems

There are many ways to conduct perimeter protection; from physical barriers to a response to surveillance. As part of the initial security review, W4G Security Services will determine the best products for clients depending on their risk profile and make an effective plan to put these in place. We work with only the top industry businesses to provide next-level perimeter protection technology for every client. If you would like to find out more information about our highly-recommended perimeter protection services or to book a consultation, contact our advisable staff, today.

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