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Construction Site Security

Building sites are unfortunately an attractive theft target due to the expensive machinery and equipment that they contain. Construction site theft costs the industry an estimated £800,000,000 per year. Despite this high level of crime, many sites do not hire professional security, leaving them open and vulnerable as a target.

Premeditated robbery of construction sites means that a site can be stripped bare, leaving you to deal with replacing the equipment and missing deadlines due to the discommode.

At W4G Security, our team are trained and qualified in the protection of construction and building sites. We will ensure that your site remains secure 24/7.

Deter construction site theft in London and Devon

Immediate theft detection and rapid response are essential to prevent damage or theft to your construction site. With bespoke construction security, you can avoid potential theft and keep your site protected at all times. At W4G, we work with building companies across London and Devon, striving to deliver rich site protection solutions that work alongside your daily routines, adding a durable layer of protection to the equipment and overall site.

W4G Security Solutions

Our SIA licensed officers are committed to implementing a fit for purpose security solution that will ensure your construction project is delivered on time and within budget, preventing costly disruption to your productivity and your overall project deadline.

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