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Over the last decade, the UK has seen an escalation in terror threats and attacks including those aimed at large groups of people gathered together in public spaces. The Manchester Arena bombing enquiry led to a comprehensive review of public venue counter-terror legislation, the introduction of ‘Martyn’s Law’ and the launch of a government consultation on the Protect Duty that examines how we can work together to understand risk and develop security strategies that improve public security.

More than 2,750 organisations, campaigners and sectors responded to the government consultation on Protect Duty. The majority voiced proposals for stronger security measures and an introduction of Protect Duty for public venues, businesses and authorities. ​It is likely these will include (but would not be restricted to) stadiums, music venues, hotels, pubs & clubs, shopping centres, places of worship, schools and universities.


What Would Protect Duty Legislation Mean For Business Owners?


Protect Duty legislation would place an obligation on the business owners and managers of these venues to assess the threats posed by terrorism to staff and the public, to evidence their findings, and to develop practical measures for effective mitigation.​

To further support the public and private sector on this matter, the Home Office is collaborating with the National Counter Terrorism Security Office (NaCTSO) and Pool Reinsurance to develop a new online platform. This website will be an interactive digital location for advice, e-learning and guidance on Protect Duty and other security matters.

The Government is continuing to develop this legislation in response to feedback and will be introduced to parliament at the earliest opportunity. With 70% of these respondents agreeing that those managing public venues and locations need to take measures to protect the public from attacks, and strong views emphasising the need for accountability on these matters, it’s important that those operating in these sectors remain updated on Protect Duty.


How Can We Help You Prepare For The Changing Rules On Protect Duty?


W4G Fire & Security’s Protect Consultants are specialists in the true sense of the word,​ individually selected for their qualifications and unique subject matter expertise. We are fully educated and up-to-date on the latest news in protect duty, and can help you protect your customers, colleagues, and your business. Here are just a few reasons why our specialists are leading fire & security experts:

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