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W4G – World Cup Safety Concerns

 21st June 2018 |  Grace Jalowiecka |  News

The quadrennial event brings a lot of people together. The country cheers and cries in unison depending on the eventual outcome. Overall, it’s a great event; it brings enjoyment we wouldn’t have otherwise. However, it does implore many to become overzealous with their nationalism which can end in conflict. Not only at the actual World Cup does that happen, it does here on our home turf, too.

World Cup Safety Concerns in Russia

The security concerns in Russia come copiously. Not only is Russia an inherently dangerous place due to Western hostility, as people will be coming in swarms, there are bound to be many, many culture clashes.

Firstly, for example, homophobia is rife in Russia. In fact, just a few days ago, before the tournament had even begun, a fan was beaten to a critical state purely because they were gay. We understand they were demonstrating their support for the LGBT community by wearing the iconic rainbow colours. Whilst this is something we wouldn’t suggest doing whilst in Russia, it’s inhumane they were condemned for it.

Secondly: the tensions between Russia and England are currently high without even considering the culture clashes that inevitably will happen.

World Cup


Safety Concerns in England

And there will be World Cup safety concerns in our own country. An unfortunate truth is when people consume the amounts of alcohol that people do when watching football they more often than not become more disposed to violence. Especially so when England lose, which hopefully won’t happen this tournament, right!

Sometimes violence happens. All we can really say in this scenario is if that you see someone is becoming increasingly irate, keep your distance and don’t antagonise them. If, despite this, the situation does escalate you’ll find comfort in knowing most bar brawls only last a few hits until it’s broken up by security, anyhow. Keep tough and endure the ordeal.

Football Stadium

Football and Violence

It’s synonymous, isn’t it? It’s a grand shame. Perhaps one day there’ll be a time where it isn’t; we see that as small possibility, however, we can still hope. All we can do for now is enjoy the game and root for England after our great start to the tournament!

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