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W4G Security Consultancy: Getting you from A to B Securely

 5th November 2018 |  Grace Jalowiecka |  News

Making sure you are covered for all eventualities is a must when travelling from A to B. If you are needing professional security solutions to take care of your travel and location itinerary from start to finish, then take a look at how W4G’s bespoke and unique Security Consultancy planning can work with you, for you.


Unparalleled Private Security Consultancy UK

Security Consultancy

We are unlike any other Security Consultancy in Devon and London. Of course, security needs to monitored continuously to ensure present effectiveness and aid future strategy and our team work around the clock to provide integrated security services with yours and your employee’s safety in mind.

When you start your security journey with us, we will conduct a thorough risk assessment to ascertain possible threats to persons or property. The detailed report will highlight the current risk of threat and the suitable solutions to each so you are securely covered in any current or future circumstance.

W4G Security Services has a number of comprehensive and fully-integrated solutions for new and existing clients. Once we have concluded a safe and secure risk assessment we can designate further security measures to fulfil your individual requirements, such as the ones below.


Close Protection Security

We live in a world with heightened security risks on a daily basis. For high profile individuals and those who have increased responsibility at a local and/or national level, Close Protection Security can be a huge advantage when travelling between locations and when meeting with other public figures.

Making sure you are protected from this security risks is something which needs to be planned in advance alongside knowledgeable and trained experts. That’s where W4G Security consultancy in Devon and London can help.

Our close protection officers are trained at the highest level to ensure maximum safety to our clients and will always be at the forefront of your security needs. Your assigned security guard(s) will be briefed with complete confidentiality and will ensure best security practices will be actioned efficiently and effectively.


Chauffeur Service in Devon & London


Alongside our Close Protection Security Services, we offer Chauffeur Services across Devon and London with high-level security factors in place. We want our clients to feel at ease when they are travelling from A to B and that’s why our tailored services are the perfect alternative when arriving discreetly, yet professionally.

We have the judgement skills required to protect our private clients and their families alongside any sudden security breach and will do so with the utmost respect wherever the location and whatever the environment.


W4G Security Consultancy

Our professional and knowledgeable team will adhere to your every requirement and create a bespoke and streamline security plan for every eventuality. With exemplary recognition and serving over ten years in the military, our sought-after team of security experts know how to conduct specialist operations with the finest detail.

If you would like to plan your security resources with us, get in touch today and we will happy to discuss your requirements further.

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