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The Importance of Construction Site Security

 28th September 2018 |  Grace Jalowiecka |  News

Construction site security has been making headlines in the news this week, as “Ireland’s Construction Industry Federation, together with Ireland’s National Police and Security, reported a 35% rise in construction crime last year. Vehicle theft from building sites made up over 40% of these crimes”, according to VPS Site Security.

Mark Wilson, the spokesperson for the company, commented: “This staggering rise in thefts in Ireland is likely to be reflected across the UK and Northern Ireland also, where the latest estimates calculate plant and equipment worth up to £2 million a day is stolen from construction sites.

“So little of the stolen tools and equipment are recovered, the key to managing down this cost is to get the security right first time.”


CCTV and Guards

two security guard events

The above highlights the dramatic rise in construction site theft and damage across the United Kingdom. With many new developments being built in towns and cities throughout the country, now is the time to have secure and reliable CCTV operation systems in place to decrease the chances of theft.

As Richard Radcliffe, owner of W4G Security highlights: “CCTV is one of the most powerful protection tools available, as it detects and deters theft and vandals from entering your property. Manned protection in the way of security guards and dog handlers are services which are an option for many site developers who have valuable machinery kept on-site around the clock. Our guards are on hand to provide effective, efficient and 24/7 security.”


Other Recommendations

perimeter protection fence

Before deploying expert security services to your site, W4G recommend the following:

Increase site lighting ready for CCTV fitting; in case of break-ins or theft at night, the camera will be able to pick up the valuable physical outlines of the individuals used for evidence for police inquiries.

Store tools and equipment in a secure area and make sure these are not left in vehicles overnight.

Check and secure perimeter protection at the end of every day.

Consider access control security systems. This will give you a log of all people and goods vehicles, inbound and outbound of your site.


W4G Security for Construction Site Services

W4G Security Services offer bespoke and tailor-made security solutions for your construction company. Our Devon and London security solutions offer the best protection against theft or vandalism on your site. If you would like to discuss your security procedures in detail, contact one of our friendly staff members who would be more than happy to discuss these further.

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