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Steady Rise in Crime – How To Stay Safe When Walking At Night

 7th February 2018 | |  How-tos, News

2017 saw a spike a spike in crime unlike any we have seen since the 90s. Worryingly, this is also excluding digital crime. A recently published report has shown that offences are up 14% in comparison the year last. Strikingly, the report also stated that knife and gun crime had risen even more steeply.

Here are the key statistics published in the report:

As we said, a spike. Sadiq Khan, London mayor, has put it down to austerity measures. He argued that in contrast to these increasing numbers police staff are actually continued to be to be cut. And he’s not the only one adopting that rhetoric. Diane Abbott, the Labour home secretary, stated that report’s statistics were “truly shocking and should put an end to government complacency on crime”.

Our Take

For us, this report simply illustrates how careful we must be in life. Unfortunately, this is what’s happening the current climate, our job isn’t to judge and state why it’s happening, our job is to help you all stay protected. So, in response to this report, we will be releasing a series of articles (one a month) detailing how you can live an as safe life as possible.

And today’s first one is going to be regarding staying safe while walking at night.

Walking at night

Walking at Night

There are some things that people like to do alone, like watching a movie for example. Or perhaps even going to the gym. Doing those things alone is fine, even commendable; it’s good to enjoy your own company. There are things we shouldn’t do alone, however, like walking by yourself at night — especially if you’re female.

It’s a devastating shame that this is the case. We wish for a world where both sexes can walk home without any worries, but that’s not the situation. Once again, we won’t make any judgements as to why, we’ll simply try and make you as safe as possible.

Here are our ways to stay safe when walking at night

Walk with confidence   –   The worst thing to do when walking alone is to look lost or scared. Even if you are, you mustn’t look so. If you’re lost, keep your head up and walk confidently towards somewhere where you can ask for directions. If you’re scared, faux confidence; walk straight ahead and don’t be scared to engage eye contact for a little while. Predators will notice if you’re trying to hide.

Let someone know when you’ve left and when you’re approximately should arrive   – 

This is perhaps our biggest tip. If you do people will know if anything has happened to you, without question. It’s is unequivocally the best way to inform people as to whether anything’s happened to you.

Have your keys ready   –   When you’re in danger there’s nothing you want to do less than fumble through your bags hopelessly searching for your keys. That could put you in the most torrid of situations. We suggest walking with your keys in your hand that way the situation is averted entirely.

Footwear is important   –   Footwear, especially so in the Winter, can immobilise us. To secure total safety we recommend simply wearing some trainers. Whether you carry them with you so you can change into them or centre your outfit on them, it’s very important to be able to wear them.

Close Protection Security with W4G

Your safety is our end goal. It’s why we exist. So we do hope you take these pieces of advice as gospel, that way, you’ll always be safe when walking by yourself. If you don’t, we wouldn’t like to know. As stated, this will be a series of articles where we assist you in your pursuit of safety. The next article will discuss how to make sure your home is secure when you’re not there. Any questions? Give us a call.

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