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Security at Summer Festivals

 14th June 2018 |  Grace Jalowiecka |  News

Festivals really are tremendous fun. It’s a time where everyone can let loose and listening to some great music, perhaps even their favourite band. A staple of the English summer, no doubt. However, because of just how fun they are many people get ahead of themselves at these events. They start acting out of character, even belligerently.

Of course, this doesn’t always happen but it sometimes does and you always must be prepared for such happenings. To be frank, even if nothing of this sort happens you’ll still legally need security at your festival. So, today, as security guards Devon, we’re going to stake the case for us filling that role for you.

We’re Focused and Friendly

security standing at door

Right off the bat, we’re one of the most focused teams you’ll meet. Say the tensions get high, in excitement or commotion, we’ll stay aware and ensure everything keeps composed and to schedule. It is with such ruthless efficiency that friendliness is sacrificed, such isn’t the case with W4G Security Services. We’re a team who loves a laugh and who is awfully friendly to everyone, including the crowd. Nothing worse than seeing a security guard get menacingly over-zealous – we know that, so we don’t.

Local and Independent

It’s always nice to support local businesses and if you use W4G for your Devon festival security that’s exactly what you’ll be doing! Exeter based, we supply security services for many businesses and citizens in the area. So not only with us will you be sourcing the most focused and equally friendly team you can, you’ll be supporting your local trade! A win-win.


We can categorically say with us you’ll be receiving the best deal. As we’re a smaller team, we don’t like to sordidly over-quote customers; we couldn’t do that to locals. We like to offer an honest service at the best possible price. No gimmicks. No hidden charges. Transparently the best, is what we say!  

It’s Best To Be Safe

security guard

As we said at the beginning you’re going to need security legally even if nothing happens so perhaps it’s best to go with a service that you can trust and even have a laugh with. We love providing security at music festivals; it’s one of our more fun jobs. We’re not that bad dancers, either!

W4G – Devon Festival Security

We’re here for your security needs, from Devon festival security all the way to construction CCTV and installment, we can do it! With us, you never have to feel at unease or live in fear. We have always used the motto ensuring peace of mind as that’s exactly what we set out to do and we like to think we secure such a feeling each time. Have a festival coming up soon that you’re organising? We’d love for you to get in contact with us.

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