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How To Secure Your House When Away

 9th March 2018 | |  How-tos, News

It’s a fact that no one wants their home to burgled. And with rising crimes all over the country it, without doubt, is increasingly becoming a common worry. In our last article, we advised you how to stay safe walking at night and at the end we said we were going to run a series of articles advising you on how to stay safe. Well, this story is the #2 article in that very series: how to keep your house secure in a cost-effective manner.

You shouldn’t need to break the bank to feel safe. If you want it to be, your house should be an intolerable castle. Here are some days to defect burglars.

Dummy Cameras

Having a camera, inactive or active, works as an incredibly effective defective towards burglars. Most are deterred by the very sight, obviously ridden with the fear that they’re being captured on film. We like to call them cowards.

Dummy CCTV is very cheap to get on the internet, some even act as a light. They’re a surefire way to keep your house one of the most secure. However, if you’d like the real deal, which we recommend, give us a call. We have a dedicated CCTV team and can ensure you get the most effective, disarming system out there. You’ll never have to worry again.

Home Security

Social Media – Secure Your House

It isn’t like Home Alone anymore. People don’t get tips as to whether you’re on vacation – no, it’s much easier for them now, they just look at your Facebook profile. We advised about this in our Christmas safety article, but we’ll do it again because it’s a common cause for robbery; don’t advertise your home. Never, ever put on Facebook when you’re not going to be home.

If you do, you’re only asking for bad things to happen. So next time you go to advertise your own home’s vulnerability, we urge you to consider: ‘is the spike in my home insurance really worth a like from Glen, your work’s janitor?’ and ‘is the loss of most of my earthly possessions worth a share from your Sister?’. These thoughts may save you.

Ensure Your Insurance Is Up To Scratch

Speaking of insurance, are you sure yours is all good? Ironclad? You better. Not matter how many deterrents you set, sometimes it’s just not enough. That is unless you beseech our services, of course. However, if you can’t do that renew your insurance. That way, if something does happen, you’re all covered. It will make you be able to truly relax when away.

Don’t Let Your House Look Vacant

One root recommendation with many offsprings, like for example

W4G Security Services Devon

No one ever wants to feel unsafe in their own home. No one wants to lose all their stuff. This is what might happen if you don’t follow this advice. You may fall victim to robbery; your stuff will be gone and you’ll never feel fully comfortable in your home again. Better yet, use our service and we’ll totally secure your home. At the end of the day, all we want is your security and for you to have total peace of mind.

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