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Moped Crime: The What. The Who. The Why | Our Advice

 24th April 2018 | |  Crime Stories, News

Moped crimes have stricken our country. A sordidly innovative idea, lawless youngsters are speeding around London grabbing phones, laptops, and anything of value from unbeknownst pedestrians. They won’t stop in the face of adversity, either; in the past when people have tried to stop these hoodlums, they’ve resorted to tactics such as swinging machetes and throwing acid at people’s faces. Alongside with the recent murders, London is increasingly becoming one of the least safe places to be in the developed world. And we, security providers in Devon and London, want to help you live a life devoid of such atrocities directed at you.


Crimes of this sort first began happening in 2014. Since then, they’ve been on a steady rise. In 2017, there were 23,000 documented crimes. There’s projected to be even more by the end of 2018.

We’re sure you’ve heard of them, they have been all over the news. Do you know exactly what they are, however? Because if you don’t know exactly what these crimes are, how are you going to know how to avoid them?


How They Do It

Their strategy is to zoom through London streets – mostly so Regent Street, Oxford Street, Marylebone High Street, Kings Road, and Upper Street – and grab unsuspecting pedestrians highly prized possessions. Within an instant, they’ll be gone. As they’re on a moped traffic isn’t an issue and nor is red lights, they simply bypass it all. By the time the Police have arrived, those who committed the crime are gone. They perhaps would’ve even informed their buyer of the newly acquired hot product.

Well, how do they sell these products when our phones are so intangibly connected to us now? Well, in the face of your cloud connections and find my phone software, these phones are most often shipped over to Nigeria and sold there. Before they go, they’re wiped. The distributor who buys these phones from the moped bandits will sell your hard-earned items for double the price he bought them.

The mopeds they use? Mostly stolen. They say stealing the mopeds is as easy as stealing the phones. Often mopeds are left unchained, those they pluck like apples from a tree. Sometimes it becomes slightly more condemnable; they order food, wait for the delivery driver to arrive and steal their bike whilst they deliver the food.


What Do They Say About Moped Crime

The lads and lasses on these mopeds mostly argue that it’s impossible for them to get a job and therefore these crimes are a necessary evil. Whilst there may be a case that it’s hard to youngsters without qualifications to get jobs, there’s no real justification for such acts, especially considering their disposition towards violence when enacting such crimes.

Their advice? One of the gang leaders was quoted as saying: “Only use your phone while you’re stationary. Or, if you’re talking while walking, put the phone in your handbag or pocket and use the headphones.”


We’re interested in the safety of you. When you’re in London, please consider what we’ve said and conduct yourselves in a way that none of these atrocities affects you. If you’d like to hear more, give us a call, we’re more than happy to talk about this.

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