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Land Rover Unveil High-Spec Security Car

 10th April 2019 |  Grace Jalowiecka |  News

Land Rover has released a high-spec security car that takes travel security to the next level. The safety car, which will predominantly be used to transport private clients, is bulletproof and contains additional protection features that make it resistant to an IED blast.

The safety of our clients is the main priority when transporting them from A to B. Our Devon security and London security teams understand that to ensure complete safety, we need to be aware of new developments. Making sure our security cars are prepared to combat any modern dangers we may encounter is important and we achieve this through monitoring industry updates.


Steadfast Personal Security

Land Rover has priced the vehicle at £380,000, however there is always scope for manoeuvrability either way with such a specialist car design, accounting for the type of individual/organisation that may require technology of this level.

Created by Land Rover Special Vehicle Operations in Warwickshire, this model will be used by VIPs and dignitaries from all sectors. This specially made car was first showcased on March 5, at the Home Office Security and Policing Show in Farnborough, before hurtling onto the Geneva Motor Show.


What are the Key Features?

It has been modified from the original Sentinel model and includes a range of hardcore additional features, which will provide passengers with close protection.


How’s The Performance?


Stealthy Features

Managing Director at Land Rover Special Vehicle Operations, Michael Van der Sande, said: “The Range Rover Sentinel delivers the exceptional protection and security required by our VIP clients without compromising the superior refinement of the latest Range Rover. The addition of the more powerful 5.0-litre Supercharged V8 engine and a redesigned interior ensures a heightened level of performance and occupant safety.”


Chauffeur Driven Security Cars

W4G Security provides close protection to any individual requiring it, with our combination of professional chauffeurs and resilient security vehicles. Our team of dedicated experts also offer consultancy, to assess the dangers facing you and your assets, before delivering the necessary bespoke security measures specific to your requirements. Contact our specialist team for more information on our complete personal security services.

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