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Introducing W4G Fire & Security – An Exciting Partnership Forms

 1st November 2019 |  Billy Rooney |  News

It’s been an exciting time for us all at W4G Fire & Security as the company grows and we venture into new industries, providing several new security services. There have been a few changes within our  company in recent months and we’ve adapted to capitalise on increasing demand for our services, which has come from all quarters of the UK. So, what’s new? 

Well, the first thing to announce is that we are now trading under the name of W4G Fire & Security – the reasons as to why will be discussed in just a few sentences. Another exciting development comes in the form of the latest W4G recruit. We are pleased to announce that Doug Scott has joined our organisation as a Partner & Managing Director – he brings with him a wealth of experience and industry knowledge.

Where it All Started – London Security Services

As we enter a new era for W4G, we thought it appropriate to briefly take a look at where the company first emerged to the present day. Founder Richard Radcliffe established the company ‘West4 Guardians’ while in West London, more specifically Chiswick. Following the closure of the local police station, there was a need for local authority in the area. ‘West4 Guardians’ was born and with it a security company that addressed local residents’ concerns. Back then, the company was a not for profit organisation that focused solely on resident protection and thwarting crime. 

Following the success of ‘West4 Guardians’, Richard decided to enter the commercial sector – the company was now offering extended security solutions to both residents and organisations. Initially, the majority of security work that was carried out involved vacant property security and construction site security across London. These services are still being carried out to this day, by our established London security services team.

Keeping up with Demand for Security Services

In recent times, it has been a struggle to keep up with the number of enquiries relating to fire & security and the installation of fire and electronic security. However, with Doug joining our team and with his aptitude for the aforementioned security types, we are now in a position to satisfy clients’ requirements throughout the UK. We’ll be providing services such as gate and turnstile automation, CCTV, intruder alarms and fire detection for the construction industry and businesses based in other sectors.

With Richard’s knowledge of all areas of manned protection and construction site security, combined with Doug’s understanding of fire, security and various facets of technological security, our team of officers and engineers are now best positioned to take on a greater number of contracts. 

Welcome to W4G Fire & Security

This is the second renaming and rebrand since our inception. The journey has taken us from West4 Guardians to W4G Security Services to W4G Fire & Security. We’ve arrived at W4G Fire & Security as a result of the experience that Doug brings to the company and the fact that we will be providing more fire detection services.

Soon, we hope to be awarded our BAFE Fire accreditation, so look out for the new badge on our site! Contact us if you wish to learn more about the changes in our company or to discuss fire and security installations, property security and any form of commercial security. Our knowledgeable team will advise on the best solution for you and implement whichever security measures are appropriate for your situation.

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