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Crime Rates Higher at Christmas

 6th December 2017 | |  Crime Stories, News

We’re starting to see fairy lights, hear gleeful numbers, and celebrate sparkling trees, which must mean it’s Christmas. Most consider Christmas an exclusively merry time; flowing drinks (alcohol consumption increases by 40% at Christmas in the UK) and grand traditions deem it so. But did you know Christmas is also a very dangerous time?

The flowing drinks that are intrinsic to Christmas make it dangerous – people begin to think less and do more. It’s also a burglar’s favourite time of the year. Due to this, crime rates are exponentially higher: there’s a spike in domestic violence, drink driving, muggings, rape, burglaries, and petty crimes.

As proprietors of security, we’re going to run through how you can stay safe this festive period.


Homes are where most crimes happen during the festive period; be it the occupants or unwanted guests, it is where the most worrying of wrongs happen.

Christmas at home

Domestic Abuse

Many become overwhelmed at Christmas and begin to act out of character. This can be due to the stresses of the festive period, economic worries, alcohol, and many other issues.

If you are victim of domestic abuse this Christmas or you fear someone else you know may be, we suggest you

Tell someone

If you are going through the hardship of abuse, the first thing you should do is alert a friend you trust, family member, or a professional. This is always the first step, and for some, it can be the most difficult.

If you fear someone may be the victim of abuse, you should first know exactly what constitutes abuse, and then if you are still sure, follow a three-step plan: Ask. Be supportive. Help.

Have an escape plan

If you fear domestic abuse, and you have done as instructed and informed someone, forge an escape plan with them. Ask if it’s ok to stay with them when you encounter abuse.

Inform the police

You may not want to as it’s the person you love, but you have to do it. It’s in the best interests of both of you.

Domestic violence is never justified. Even if it happens once, it needs to be dealt with properly.


Being a time where people’s wealth is as transparent as ever, houses and people are easy to target. To avoid the most fun-filled period being ruined for you, we suggest you

Make your house less attractive:

that feeling when your house is as festive as possible, there’s not many like it. You feel warm, excited, and most importantly, festive. We won’t try to stop you doing this – it’s the most fun ritual there is!

The burglars will almost definitely avoid your house if you have these two theft-stiflers:

– a CCTV camera and a dusk till dawn light for your house.

– Keep your trees – as presents lay under trees – out of sight.

Burglaries at Christmas

Social Media

Thieves look beyond the physical realm now: they monitor social media. Many choose social media as the medium to detail their Christmas plans. We can’t illustrate enough how irresponsible this is.

If you post on social media you’re away from home, or even just post pictures of your trees and presents, you’re essentially saying to thieves ‘Target us! We’ve got loads of stuff and we’re not home!’.

If you feel an otherworldly urge to post such things, just make sure your profile’s totally private. That way, you’ll be secured.

On Foot Crime Rates

Yes, homes are perhaps the most crime-ridden area of the festive period, however, a large amount of crime happens on the streets too. As we said earlier, there’s a spike in muggings and rape.

Muggings and Rape

To stay safe from such things, when walking we suggest:

– Keep your head up: walk with a purpose. Don’t get distracted by your phone. Look like you’re heading somewhere – you’re much less likely to get targeted if you do.

– Keep your hands free: this way, you’ll be able to react if you’re approached.

– Stray away from suspect areas: this one is more common sense. If you can plan your route to avoid high-crime areas, do. This is staying safe 101.

– Inform someone of your arrival time: if you have to walk by yourself, let someone know you are and let them know when your journey should come to an end. They’ll know if anything happens that way.

On The Roads

Due to strict timelines, excited drivers, and heightened levels of intoxication, roads become an incredibly unsafe place during the festive period.

You can’t control the other drivers on the road, so we suggest leaving yourself a fair amount of time to make journeys. That way, you won’t feel rushed and you can account for all the other reckless drivers.


W4G – Staying Safe This Christmas

We don’t mean to dampen your spirits. In fact, here’s a Christmas joke

Which parent is likely to do the Christmas shop at Tesco this year? Dad might, Marmite not.

We see safety as the foundation you have fun on, consider all we’ve said, and go and have your best Christmas yet!

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