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Army to Use Mini Drones to Combat Terrorists

 17th June 2019 |  Grace Jalowiecka |  Uncategorised

The Ministry of Defence (MoD) has revealed that the British Army will soon be able to make use of brand new security measures in the form of mini drones. A multi million pound investment into emerging technology will allow army personnel to track terrorists’ movements from the inside of a building.

Heavy Investment in Revolutionary Security Techniques

A sum of £66 million has been assigned to the military robotic projects, with £31 million of this budget to be spent providing soldiers with this cutting-edge security device. The mini drones have been designed to allow users to circumvent an intended target and offer personal security, as users won’t have to enter the zone deemed treacherous.

The capital injection comes following the trial of a range of projects and devices at the end of last year, in what was the largest robot exercise in British history, as the army look to save lives by replacing personnel with technology in certain regions. These new combat techniques will allow soldiers assigned to traditional territorial defence methods in conflict stricken zones, such as perimeter protection and access control, to be deployed in other areas.

Turning Innovation Into Tangible Results

Former Defence Secretary, Gavin Williamson stressed the importance of getting these advancements into use as soon as possible. He said, as reported by The Telegraph: “Innovation will count for nothing unless we get great ideas off the drawing table, into production and out to the front line faster than we’ve ever done before. In a more dangerous and deadly era, Defence isn’t sitting around waiting for inspiration to strike. We’re seizing the opportunity to step up.”

The defence secretary also went onto say that the army will use mini drones in Estonia and Afghanistan by the end of 2019. Similar drones were successfully trialled in tours of Afghanistan.

Mini Drones

Mini Drones used for Security

What’s The Remainder of the Funding For?

These extreme security vehicles will be used to indicate to manned vehicles the toughness of enemy defences while drawing them out and exposing their position. A budget of £23m has been set aside for the development of these vehicles.

The presence of these vehicles would free up personnel to focus on combat roles rather than the delivery of supplies. £12m has been delegated to this section of the rollout.

A Comment From The British Armed Forces

Chief of the General Staff, Sir Mark Carleton-Smith said, as reported by Forces Network: “Rapid adaptation is an essential ingredient for success on the battlefield and the fielding of the next generation of armoured fighting vehicles and ground-breaking robotic and autonomous systems, will keep the British Army at the cutting edge of battlefield technology, improving our lethality, survivability and competitive advantage.”

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