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10 Tips for Christmas Property Security

 2nd December 2019 |  Billy Rooney |  CCTV, How-tos, Property Security

Christmas is synonymous with spending time with loved ones and immersing yourself in all the delightful festivities that come with the celebrations. However, as well as being a time for enjoyment and indulgence, it is also a time for caution and vigilance by way of property security. The festive season is a time that provides encouragement for intruders and thieves, with a marked increase in goods and valuables kept in households across the UK.

Property Security – Don’t Be A Victim Over Christmas

Whether you plan to spend Christmas away or you are having a Christmas at home, property security measures need to be taken regardless. Guarding against an overnight robbery is just as important as taking measures to prevent intrusion when you are not home. What are the dangers and how do you guard against them? To ensure merriment and celebration doesn’t make way for a downer and regret, we’ve outlined some useful ideas on how to improve your property security over Christmas. Let’s get into our top ten tips for home security this Christmas. 

1.) Install Security Measures For Now & The Future

property security CCTV

With Christmas proving to be one of the most vulnerable times of the year for residents, why not consider installing your property security measures now and have them in place 2020? Measures such as alarms and property CCTV will certainly be an off-putting factor for criminals and they are likely to try elsewhere if these are in place. Talk to our property CCTV specialists about having cameras installed in time for Christmas and ensure your safety. 

2.) Outdoor Lighting & Decorations

Many of us have some form of outdoor lighting and vibrant Christmas decorations on the exterior of our homes, but it is a good idea to accentuate the outside of your home as much as possible. Having bright and elaborate Christmas decorations on your home can deter would be criminals, as they’ll find your home too much of a conspicuous target. 

3.) Don’t Give the Game Away via Social Media

If you are going away for Christmas, it is important not to broadcast that you’re away before, during or after your trip. You can’t really be sure who is going to make their way onto your social media profile and catch a glimpse of your Christmas vacation. By all means, share your experiences and time away with your family and friends upon your return but we would suggest you don’t run the risk when you are away – especially if your profile is set to ‘public’.

social media security at Christmas

4.) More Vacant Property Security Tips – Plan Ahead

For those that have planned a trip away over Christmas, it is a good idea to cancel any subscriptions or regular deliveries that you have – milk and newspapers, for example. Don’t leave a voicemail broadcasting your absence; ‘Sorry we can’t take your call, we are on holiday over Christmas’. Keep it neutral and don’t give anything away to persistent thieves.

5.)  Don’t Give Encouragement Through Your Rubbish

A simple tip that can have a big impact when it comes to give nothing away as to the contents of your home. Leaving Amazon boxes or the packaging of items in your rubbish should be avoided. If thieves see this, they are more than likely to come snooping for the contents. 

6.) Are Your Presents Under Your Tree?

Sure, having presents under the tree is a welcome reminder that the big day is close and is all part of the hype in the build up to Christmas day. Yet, if your tree and the presents beneath are clearly visible from a window, you should consider keeping them elsewhere, until the big day. Avoid giving onlookers a sense of expectation in their plan and tighten your property security with this tip. 

christmas presents under the tree

7.) Secure Perimeters, Garages & Sheds

Making sure your first line of defence isn’t easily breachable is significant and, like with our property CCTV, once you have these perimeter protection measures in place, they are there for 2020. From intruder detection systems to complete monitoring to high quality fencing, we provide it all. 

As well as considering these key property security additions this Christmas, make sure your garage or shed is secure and that equipment such as tools and ladders aren’t accessible.

8.) Give Doors & Windows A Once Over

Your doors and windows are the entrance points for criminals, so ensuring there are no weak spots or signs of vulnerability within is worth it. This should be a regular check throughout the year but definitely worth a revisit just before the Christmas period.

9.) Christmas Lights & Windows

A common mistake of those who decorate the exterior of their home is running electricity cords for their lights in the window cracks. This makes forcing a window open and gaining entry easy for burglars. Make sure your don’t do this at Christmas.

10.) Reclaim Items With Immobilise 

If you are a victim of a theft over Christmas? Make use of Immobilise. This site enables you to register your home for free and helps to recover items that have been stolen. The service is used regularly by police to identify the owners of recovered possessions. 

Home Security Measures to Keep You Secure at Christmas

Our team of professional security specialists hope that you have gained some useful property security tips whilst reading this article. Contact us if you wish to have any property measures or property CCTV installed before Christmas. From the W4G Fire & Security team, we wish you a highly enjoyable, secure and Merry Christmas.

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