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W4G Security Guards Receive High Commendation For Their Work

15th November 2018

Here at W4G Security, we pride ourselves on delivering professional security services in Devon and London; and as a reputable and successful security company, we know the importance of safety within the workplace. Recently one of our Devon Security Guards […]

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W4G Security Consultancy: Getting you from A to B Securely

5th November 2018

Making sure you are covered for all eventualities is a must when travelling from A to B. If you are needing professional security solutions to take care of your travel and location itinerary from start to finish, then take a […]

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The Importance of Construction Site Security

28th September 2018

Construction site security has been making headlines in the news this week, as “Ireland’s Construction Industry Federation, together with Ireland’s National Police and Security, reported a 35% rise in construction crime last year. Vehicle theft from building sites made up […]

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W4G headline security services at Curious Arts Festival

21st August 2018

We have just returned from yet another great year providing professional security services for The Curious Arts Festival at Pylewell Park. It was fantastic to see familiar faces and to see how the festival has grown. This was the five […]

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W4G – World Cup Safety Concerns

21st June 2018

The quadrennial event brings a lot of people together. The country cheers and cries in unison depending on the eventual outcome. Overall, it’s a great event; it brings enjoyment we wouldn’t have otherwise. However, it does implore many to become […]

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Security at Summer Festivals

14th June 2018

Festivals really are tremendous fun. It’s a time where everyone can let loose and listening to some great music, perhaps even their favourite band. A staple of the English summer, no doubt. However, because of just how fun they are […]

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Moped Crime: The What. The Who. The Why | Our Advice

24th April 2018

Moped crimes have stricken our country. A sordidly innovative idea, lawless youngsters are speeding around London grabbing phones, laptops, and anything of value from unbeknownst pedestrians. They won’t stop in the face of adversity, either; in the past when people […]

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W4G Awarded With CHAS Accreditation

20th March 2018

Those in the industry are most probably acutely aware of what CHAS is. Those on the outside, however, may require some clarification. C H A S stands for Contractors, Healthy and Safety, Assessment, and Scheme: it’s one of, perhaps the, […]

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How To Secure Your House When Away

9th March 2018

It’s a fact that no one wants their home to burgled. And with rising crimes all over the country it, without doubt, is increasingly becoming a common worry. In our last article, we advised you how to stay safe walking […]

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Steady Rise in Crime – How To Stay Safe When Walking At Night

7th February 2018

2017 saw a spike a spike in crime unlike any we have seen since the 90s. Worryingly, this is also excluding digital crime. A recently published report has shown that offences are up 14% in comparison the year last. Strikingly, […]

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