London Security

The Big Smoke, a wondrous location. The world’s business capital. A place of fine food. A real multi-cultural masterpiece. London is a great place, there are no two ways around that. London is also a very dangerous place, however.


Having the densest amount of crimes in England, there’s no wonder as to why people are generally more fearful for themselves and their possessions whilst in the capital. Especially considering the rise of moped crimes. Fear not, however, this is why we operate. We want to make the people of England as comfortable as possible.


Whether it’s a 24-hour house patrol, state-of-the-art CCTV installation, event security, or even vacant property protection (there are sure a lot of those in London), we can provide it. We’re CHAS accredited and one of England’s most respected security services. W4G, securing peace of mind.

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